A platform designed for brands and retailers to share content

BrandSync’s intuitive technology will transform and simplify
the way your business manages product content, providing you with a smarter way of working, across all your channels.

A Multi-Functional Platform

Streamline and define

E-commerce sales are growing, and in a digital world, consumers expect product information to be readily available online. To keep a pace with the growing demands of the consumer, brands and retailers must invest in new ways of working together. BrandSync provides brands and retailers with a user-friendly, innovative platform where product information can be shared, managed, enhanced and customised, all in one place.

As we continue to create a seamless shopping experience across online, mobile and stores, we rely on accurate and consistent product information.

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With an inbuilt notification function, the BrandSync platform opens channels of communication between brands and retailers, resulting in better collaboration and improved data quality.

Status & Workflows

Keeping track of requests and updates from multiple sources can be challenging and time-intensive. BrandSync gives users clear oversight of all activities and their corresponding status, helping to ensure that task lists are efficiently managed.

Review & Approve

Guarantee that product content is fit for publishing with our review and approve function. Resolve data gaps, enrich content and validate data via our platform to reduce errors and deliver accurate information.


When you log in to BrandSync, your dashboard provides you with oversight of your ongoing tasks, activities, messages and notifications. From here you can draw a focus on your priorities and tackle your pending workload.

Role-Based Access Control

Getting the right results means working with the right people. Delegate and define users of the BrandSync platform to ensure the most effective collaboration. Role-based access control reduces the likelihood of errors and miscommunication, strengthening productivity between brands and retailers.

Custom Fields

Part of the key to quality data is relevant data. Customise attributes to create product content that satisfies all parties. Fields can be created and edited in line with specific requirements across multiple channels.

A Solution for Brands

Bringing efficiency through technology

At Brandsync, we understand the challenges of managing extensive product information and the demands of sharing this information with multiple recipient. With our specially designed platform, we can make this process easy for you. The BrandSync platform allows you to manage and share all your product content and digital assets via one central hub.

Shifting demographics, cross-organizational initiatives, and agile approaches are changing the way information workers do their jobs.

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    Product Information Management

    When product attributes are located in different places, managing product information can become an arduous task. Put an end to the days of searching through multiple files, spreadsheets and legacy platforms by streamlining your data through BrandSync. Use our platform to store and organise all your product information in one central location.

    Digital Asset Management

    Consolidate your data. Not only does the BrandSync platform provide you with a purpose-built location to store your digital assets, but it also ensures that the files you upload are mapped to the corresponding product information.

    Product Content Distribution

    The BrandSync platform instantly makes product content distribution cleaner and simpler. Retailers can easily locate the information they need thanks to the consistent format and single source that BrandSync delivers.

A Solution for Retailers

Bringing efficiency through technology

Operating as a retailer in the ever-evolving world of e-commerce comes with its challenges. At BrandSync, we understand that you need timely access to accurate product information and digital assets. Our platform allows retailers to communicate and collaborate with brands, enabling both parties to share and access data through a single trusted source.

Shifting demographics, cross-organizational initiatives, and agile approaches are changing the way information workers do their jobs.

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Vendor Landscape: Collaborative Work Management For The Enterprise

    Product Content Onboarding

    Stocking your digital shelves is made easier by connecting with the BrandSync platform. Product information and digital assets are readily available in a consistent format through our user-friendly portal. Quickly locate the complete content that you need from one familiar source.

    Product Information Management

    Building and maintaining an e-commerce site becomes less complicated with BrandSync. Our platform standardises product information, making data cleaner, more consistent and more reliable. When you have additional needs, BrandSync provides you with a direct route of communication with brands, ensuring that your queries are trackable and rapidly resolved.

    Digital Asset Management

    Tailor digital assets to your own requirements without the extra hassle of mapping files and data from several places. Editing and adjustments can be made within the BrandSync platform, allowing you to quickly manage images for use on your e-commerce site.

Our Customers Us

BrandSync provides both brands and retailers with the tools they need for a faster, more efficient way of working. Before discovering BrandSync, our customers were using multiple platforms, spreadsheets and programmes to manage the way they worked. The result was wasted time and a high rate of errors. Since engaging with BrandSync, our customers operate via one modern, intuitive, intelligent platform.

Shifting demographics, cross-organizational initiatives, and agile approaches are changing the way information workers do their jobs.

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Vendor Landscape: Collaborative Work Management For The Enterprise

Trusted by hundreds of happy customers.

Our Services

High-performance marketing teams run on BrandSync

Our team at BrandSync has the tools and expertise to support brands with the preliminary work that sits behind product information management. We can support you with data capture, proofing and approval and image production; taking the onus away from you and getting your product information onto the BrandSync platform with minimal effort.


Product information management made easy.

Image Production

At our studios, we take your products and create high quality images suitable for both print and e-commerce. As well as traditional product photography, our experts can also produce computer generated images (CGI) which come with a host of advantages in today’s tech reliant world. When you invest in CGI, the result is easily adaptable and interactive images which can evolve as your products do.

Data Capture

Our data team accurately records your product information in a standardised, consistent format on the BrandSync platform. We work with your products and your contacts to collate data which meets the needs of regulators, retailers and consumers. When we capture your data, the improved accuracy means that your product information is ready for publishing faster and with fewer retailer queries.

Proofing & Approval

Speed up the process of publishing product information with our proofing and approval service. When data has been collated from multiple locations and by multiple parties, the quality tends to become diluted and errors arise. We review and clean up your data, ensuring that it is accurate and fit for publishing.